The Communications Committee’s three main goals are:

  • To identify and recruit new member organizations and volunteers;
  • In collaboration with the Scientific Advisory Committee, to ensure that ISA materials and communication interface is of a high standard and reflects a uniform approach in line with ISA “branding” and philosophy;
  • To fundraise to support ISA’s priority activities.

The Communications Committee has a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Ensuring that all the organizations sharing the vision of ISA are well informed about the existence and activities of ISA;
  • Inviting relevant organizations to join ISA;
  • Ensuring the ISA website is up-to-date and meets the needs of member organizations and individuals seeking information and support;
  • Collaborating with the annual ISA conference organizers and the SAC to ensure the quality and relevance of information on the ISA website;
  • Preparing and disseminating an ISA newsletter at least twice yearly;
  • Maintaining the ISA mailing list;
  • Sending out notices to the ISA mailing list upon approval by the Board;
  • Acknowledging the support provided by individual donors.

If you are interested in joining the Communications Committee please contact the ISA secretariat at