ISA Annual Conference 2015

ISA Annual Conference for 2015 will take place in Vancouver, Canada on Friday 2nd October. This year the conference will be hosted by Still Life Canada. Registration is now open for families, healthcare providers and researchers at the conference website below.
Visit the conference website here:

IMPROVE workshop
ISA and Still Life Canada are also pleased to run the IMproving Perinatal mortality Review and Outcomes Via Education (IMPROVE) workshop for local health care providers. This is a one-day workshop that be be held on Saturday 3rd October. To learn more an register for this workshop visit the conference website above.


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ISA Annual Conference 2014

The 2014 ISA Conference was a joint conference with the International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death (ISA/ISPID Congress). The focus of the Congress was to call for global action to reduce perinatal and infant mortality.

The aims of the 2014 ISA/ISPID Congress were to identify the ‘causes’ of the sudden and unexpected baby deaths during pregnancy, labour or in the first year, and the actions needed to reduce these deaths. Another major theme was bereavement care for parents who have lost a child at birth or in infancy.

The conference was a great success and showcased many inspiring presentations.
Download the […]

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ISA Annual Conference 2013

ISA Annual Conference 2013. Hanoi, Vietnam – 16th to 18th October
Region and International Conference on Stillbirth and Perinatal Death Prevention

Registration is still available! Please click HERE for more details.

The conference is an exciting opportunity to bring together researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, bereaved families, medical students and support organizations from many different countries to share and discuss knowledge, experiences, research.

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