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Current issue – July 2017 – download here

What’s in this issue?

  • Upcoming ISA conference in Cork
  • ISA Scientific Advisory Committee Update
  • ISA Presents in U.S.
  • Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health
  • ISA Represented at the World Health Assembly
  • Australia’s Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Stillbirth
  • Update from the ISA Chair
  • Pregnancy after perinatal loss – PSANZ conference breakfast session
  • Save the Dates! 2018 ISA Conference in Glasgow   …and more




Dec2016 Last issue – December 2016 – download here

What’s in this issue?

  • ISA in Uruguay
  • Parents join the ISA Conference
  • A Parent’s Story, from Argentina
  • Save the Date! Cork 2017
  • Greetings from the Chair
  • Global Stillbirth Events
  • ISA Research
  • New Board Members




Previous issue – April 2016 – download hereApril newsletter

What’s in this issue?

  • London /RCOG Lancet Launch
  • NYC Lancet Launch
  • Upcoming Global Stillbirth Events
  • Australia, UK Lancet Launches
  • Upcoming Global Stillbirth Events
  • Notes from Timor-Liste
  • Update from the ISA Chair
  • Global Strategy
  • Save the Date! ISA Conference



NS capturePrevious issue – December 2015 – download here

What’s in this issue?

  • The Lancet’s Ending Preventable Stillbirths series launch
  • ISA Stillbirth Workshop in Georgia
  • ISA at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Stillbirth Missing
  • 2016 ISA/ISPID Conference, and more….



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