ISA Position Statements

ISA is currently working on a number of position statements around the prevention of stillbirth and care of families who have a stillborn baby. More positions statements will be made available here in the coming months. Our position statement on Decreased Fetal Movements (DFM) is available below.

ISA position statement on Decreased Fetal Movements (DFM)

The purpose of this statement is to assist countries around the world in reducing stillbirth after 28 weeks’ gestation through better detection and management of women with decreased fetal movements.

>>Download ISA’s position statement on DFM.

Development of this Statement and Consultation: This is the first update of the statement first produced in December 2009 after broad consultation with ISA member organizations.

What has changed in this update: The major recommendations from the previous version of this position statement (December 2009) remain unchanged. The statement has been updated to include current evidence.