The ISA Scientific Advisory Committee works to enhance international collaboration in the prevention of stillbirth and related adverse pregnancy outcome (including psychosocial outcomes) through facilitating collaboration in conduct and dissemination of high quality collaborative research

Key functions are to:

  1. Collaborate with global partners in promoting action from the Lancet’s stillbirth series;
  2. Facilitate delivery of educational programs and resources addressing the recommendations of The Lancets’ stillbirth series and via the ISA (and other relevant) conferences and meetings, workshops, website and newsletters in collaboration with the ISA Communications Committee;
  3. Assist in ISA conferences and regional meetings including identifying location and timing, and supporting program development (including review of submitted abstracts).
  4. Identify and promote priority areas for research and clinical practice improvement initiatives to improve health for mothers and babies globally focusing on stillbirth prevention;
  5. Enhance efficiency in answering important research and implementation questions through promoting the use of a of single/sufficiently similar protocols to enable future metaanalysis;
  6. Develop position statements as the need arises in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee Executive are:

  • Vicki Flenady, Co-chair (Australia)bknation_global-strategy.jpg
  • Dimitrios Siassakos, Co-chair (United Kingdom)
  • Jane Dahlstrom (Australia)
  • David Ellwood (Australia)
  • Jan Jaap Erwich (Netherlands)
  • Katherine J Gold (USA)
  • Alexander Heazell (United Kingdom)
  • Alison Kent (Australia)
  • Susannah Leisher (USA)
  • Elizabeth McClure (USA)
  • Margaret Murphy (Ireland)
  • Robert Silver (USA)
  • Aleena Wojcieszek (Australia)