Become an ISA volunteer!

ISA is always looking for people who would like to join as volunteers to help in the many tasks towards our goal of increasing understanding and prevention of stillbirth.

How to volunteer
If you would like to become a volunteer, please Contact Us.

How you can help
Below is a brief description of the type of volunteer work available:

Sharing information
Based on your area of interest, volunteers will receive letter templates which can be distributed to share information with doctors, hospitals, friends, legislators, and media to educate and create awareness about programs supporting ISA goals.

Offering services
Volunteers provide specific skills to assist with ISA goals including marketing, public relations, computer issues, web assistance, program coordination, etc. These activities can be coordinated by individuals or teams with varying levels of involvement.

Committee Involvement
Volunteers join a committee to work as part of a team toward a goal or project.

Thank you for considering volunteering for ISA.
We look forward to working with you to help families affected by stillbirth and in reducing the risk of stillbirth and to improve bereavement care for future families.