IMproving Perinatal Mortality Review & Outcomes Via Education (IMPROVE)

About the Workshop

IMPROVE workshops are designed to address the educational needs of ALL health professionals involved in maternity and newborn care in managing perinatal death based on the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand’s Perinatal Mortality Guideline. The workshop utilises the SCORPIO educational model designed for skills training. This involves small groups of learners rotating around six interactive learning stations that are each facilitated by an experienced educator. If you are an obstetrician, midwife, neonatal nurse, neonatologist, social worker or are interested from a policy or public health perspective this workshop will be relevant to you.

The learning stations are:

1) Communicating with parents about perinatal autopsy
2) Autopsy and placental examination
3) Investigation of fetal deaths
4) Examination of babies who die in the perinatal period
5) Institutional and perinatal mortality audit and classification
6) Psychological and social aspects of perinatal bereavement

More information to come.